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Convolo Leads


Follow-Up With Leads From A File


Upload leads from a file and Convolo will connect calls with them based on the settings chosen in your Convolo widget. 

Some companies use this as a simple way to follow-up with old leads.

Call Transcription & Speech Analysis

Get transcription of every call and get calls auto-tagged based on topics discussed and voice levels.

Save tons of time for your QA process by knowing what calls to go through first.


Note: separate add-on

WhatsApp Messages

Use WhatsApp instead of SMS to get feedback on calls from agents. They just click a button in the message to register the call result. 

Need to use WhatsApp message for leads as well? Request it from our Support Team.


Note: separate add-on

Convolo Dialer


Shared Local ID


Research show that the answer rate increases by 400% when prospects see a local number when you call. 


With Shared Local ID we use a pool of numbers for several companies, but Convolo makes sure 100% of callbacks reach the correct person.

This gives you the result you want, while saving you money on numbers.


Note: separate add-on 

Source Integration


Save your time and effort by eliminating the need to manually upload contacts to Dialer Projects.


Use our contact source integrations to add contacts to Dialer projects through Zapier or directly from your CRM. 

As of now we have Pipedrive connected, but feel free to request activation for your CRM. 

What's next? 

Soon we will update the mobile version of the Convolo dashboard to make the experience better.

You will find that it will become much smoother to check on leads and calls from your mobile device. 

To activate new features on your account or to learn more about Convolo products,

schedule a call with our Success Team by clicking the Book A Meeting button 👆

Convolo AI Communications, Stationsallen 2, Sollentuna, Stockholm 19270, Sweden

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