UniBF: Educational Evolution and Accomplishments with Convolo.ai

The use of Convolo enabled efficient data cleansing, increased conversion by 15%, and provided detailed reports for sustainable actions, driving growth, and strengthening its position in the educational market.
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UniBF: Collaboration with Convolo

Dive deeper and explore how Convolo's innovative solutions fueled UniBF's growth with a 15% increase in conversions, streamlined lead cleansing, and empowered detailed reports for sustainable actions
The history of UniBF dates back over a decade when it initially started offering courses and, over time, expanded its offerings to postgraduate degrees. Seeking growth and facing the main challenge of managing a database of 400,000 leads and optimizing processes, UniBF chose Convolo as the solution for its relationship center and automatic dialer. The use of Convolo enabled efficient data cleansing, increased conversion by 15%, and provided detailed reports for sustainable actions, driving growth, and strengthening its position in the educational market.
UniBF’s Story
The history of UniBF began more than ten years ago when it entered the educational sector for the first time, specializing in providing courses. As time passed, UniBF evolved and broadened its horizons. The company went through a merger with another company called Fapan. The union of these two entities brought new momentum to UniBF and brought forth a visionary leader, CEO Carlos Hoegen.
Under Carlos' leadership, the company received significant investments to boost its growth and diversify its course offerings, encompassing various educational segments. This period of expansion was crucial for UniBF as it increased its capacity to train qualified professionals in a variety of fields.
Thus, UniBF continues its successful journey in the educational market, driven by constant evolution, strategic investments, and the adoption of advanced technologies to enhance its operations and ensure the success of its more than 100,000 students who have graduated throughout its history.
UniBF’s Challenge
With the growth and maturation of the company, the need to optimize processes and improve data collection and analysis became increasingly evident for UniBF. To achieve this goal, UniBF decided to move away from its old management system, which relied on a CRM with limited functionalities, and transitioned to HubSpot.
The migration to HubSpot represented a significant project and implementation for UniBF, involving changes in various areas of the company. This shift to a more advanced platform enabled greater operational efficiency and a better understanding of data, resulting in increased business intelligence.
However, even with the move to HubSpot, UniBF felt the need to centralize all information in a single tool. It was at this point that the company discovered the solution offered by Convolo, a tool that provided native integration with HubSpot and promised to further enhance UniBF's performance and data intelligence.
The challenge faced by UniBF was to deal with a large database of 400,000 leads and make it more efficient and productive. This task involved various steps, such as data cleansing, lead conversion into customers, and the creation of a relationship strategy to improve interactions with potential students.
Overcoming this challenge would drive the institution's growth, allowing it to work more strategically and achieve more consistent results in its student acquisition and engagement efforts. By tackling the lead database challenge and implementing new management practices, UniBF could strengthen its position in the educational market and achieve more positive outcomes in its student acquisition strategies.
Why Convolo.ai
Features highlighted: Auto-dialer, convolo dashboard, Hubspot integration 
The process for UniBF to find and choose Convolo as the solution for their automatic dialer was a path of research, testing, and conversations with the Convolo team. The need arose when UniBF was implementing the CRM and was looking for a dialer that would integrate well with the HubSpot CRM.
Initially, the UniBF team conducted market research to find options for automatic dialers. The search included Google searches and exploring the HubSpot marketplace. It was during this search that they came across Convolo, as well as another competitor, CloudTalk.
To evaluate the available options, UniBF decided to test the competitor, CloudTalk. However, during the test, they realized that their specific needs were not being met, especially regarding customization and tool programming.
That's when the UniBF team got in touch with Convolo and met Max, a representative from the company. They expressed their need for a flexible and customizable solution as they were changing the company's landscape and required a tool that could adapt to their specific requirements.
After conversations and information exchanges, it became evident that Convolo was available to meet UniBF's needs in terms of customization and native integration with HubSpot. Based on this perception and after further research and testing, UniBF decided to initiate an effective test with Convolo to put the solution into practice.
Throughout the process of implementing and using Convolo, UniBF realized that the tool truly met their expectations. They were able to pull data, obtain up-to-date information, and customize the tool according to their specific needs.
This experience with Convolo left the UniBF team highly satisfied, and they found in Convolo's solution a valuable partnership to optimize their automatic dialing processes, improve operational efficiency, and provide more personalized service to their leads and customers.
The Results
  • 15% conversion increase
  • sorted through 400,000 leads in 2 months
The use of Convolo's auto-dialer by UniBF brought significant and impactful results to the company, enabling a shift in their sales approach and greater efficiency in contacting leads. Based on the information provided by UniBF, the following results can be highlighted:
Enhancement of a relationship center and active contacts: The implementation of Convolo's dialer allowed UniBF to improve its area dedicated to active calls, making their sales culture more proactive. Previously, the company operated in a more passive manner, waiting for potential clients to come to them. With Convolo, they were able to adopt a more active approach to seek out clients and potential students.
Cleansing of 400,000 leads in 2 months by a team of 10 people: UniBF had a database of over 400,000 leads, and the process of cleansing this database to ensure data accuracy and updates was a significant challenge. With the help of Convolo's dialer, the team of 10 people was able to carry out this cleansing in just 2 months. This demonstrates the efficiency of the tool and its ability to streamline complex processes.
15% increase in conversion after implementing Convolo's dialer: With the active call center in operation and the leads properly cleansed, UniBF could make the most of Convolo's dialer to contact leads more quickly and accurately. This 15% increase in conversion rate is a clear indication of the positive impact of the tool on student acquisition operations and closing new deals.
Detailed reports for sustainable actions: UniBF highlights the importance of the reports provided by Convolo. These reports allowed the marketing and sales teams to gain valuable insights into campaign performance, the effectiveness of communication channels, and lead behavior. With this clearer vision, UniBF was able to make more informed decisions and optimize their acquisition and customer relationship strategies.
In summary, the adoption of Convolo's dialer by UniBF brought a series of benefits, including the creation of an active relationship center, efficient cleansing of the leads database, increased lead-to-customer conversion, and the availability of detailed reports to support marketing and sales actions. These results contributed to strengthening UniBF's position in the educational market and driving its growth over time.
More about UniBF
UniBF has been a prominent educational institution, achieving various accomplishments and recognitions along its journey. Some of its key achievements include:
1. MEC Score 4: The Ministry of Education (MEC) is the government agency responsible for regulating and evaluating the quality of higher education in Brazil. Obtaining a score of 4 from MEC is a significant achievement for any educational institution, as it indicates a high standard of quality in the evaluation process and recognition from the government.
2. Google Ratings of 4.9 with thousands of reviews: Achieving such a high average rating of 4.9 in a rating system of up to 5 demonstrates the high level of satisfaction among students at UniBF. Additionally, the fact that there are thousands of reviews indicates that the institution has a broad base of satisfied students, which is a positive indicator of the quality of education and services provided.
3. "ÓTIMO"(excellent) rating on Reclame Aqui: Reclame Aqui is an important website for complaints and evaluations of companies and services in Brazil. It allows consumers to report their experiences and problems with certain companies. Receiving an "ÓTIMO" (excellent) rating on Reclame Aqui means that UniBF has a positive track record in handling student complaints and efficiently resolving issues. This achievement demonstrates the institution's commitment to providing excellent customer service and resolving issues satisfactorily.
These accomplishments highlight UniBF's excellence as a higher education institution, showcasing its dedication to academic quality, student satisfaction, and good public relations. With such positive ratings and recognition on important evaluation platforms, UniBF establishes itself as a reliable institution committed to the educational success of its students.