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Integrating GHL CRM with

Integrating GHL CRM with

Speed-to-Lead™ + GHL integration lets you to log all call activities, lead info and more into the GHL CRM.

With GHL + Convolo integration you get:

  • Automation - Your leads from Convolo are saved automatically in the GHL CRM.
  • Auto-assignment - after the call via Convolo, the agent who talked with the lead is automatically assigned as a Contact owner in GHL.
  • Auto-routing - In case, an existing lead in GHL decides to request a call via Convolo, then only the contact owner defined in GHL will get connected with a lead.
  • Custom fields - All of your custom fields filled by prospects are saved in the GHL dashboard.

How to set up ?

In order to set up integration with GHL CRM you will need to provide an API key with our Support Team, so they would be to set up an integration for your account. Please follow the steps below 👇

1. Find Location Level API Key by clicking on “Location Level” → ”Settings” → 

Business Info”.

2. Share the API key with us on:

3. Our Team will confirm back to you once the integration is connected. (Normally it takes 1 working day)

If you are having trouble getting the API key or you have any other questions, feel free to drop us an email at

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