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Using OCC - One-Click Callback Links

Using OCC - One-Click Callback Links


Do you want to send Bulk Emails and trigger an instant call to every lead that clicks a link inside your marketing email?  There is a solution for you → OCC links by 🚀 

The One-Click Callback (OCC) link immediately starts a call to the client's phone number after they click a website link (for example, pressing the "Call Me!" button in an email).

OCC Link example: &lc_occ_message=hi&lc_occ_may_repeat=0

Such a link can be added to your CRM by the template that puts in lead phone numbers corresponding to their email.

URL parameter description:

widget_key – The widget key at which the call will be launched. The same widget will be displayed to a visitor on a website page available by the link.

lc_occ_phone – Client's phone number.

lc_occ_hash – Hash, may be any number. In the example above it’s “123”.  

lc_occ_message – Voice message to the agent. If this parameter is set, the voice message to the agent written in the widget will be substituted for the message from the URL parameter. In the exmaple above, the message “Hi” will be played to the agent who gets the call, instead of the message set in the widget on Convolo Dashboard.

lc_occ_may_repeat – You can launch more than one call when clicking the same link. It can be set as 0 (the link is valid only once) or 1 (the link is valid more than once. It is not recommended and is made for testing).

OCC links are a very efficient and easy way to generate instant calls from your clients.

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Using OCC - One-Click Callback Links